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We intend to include a review page in our annual newsletter, where we will review books on subjects relevant to the Trust's work which we hope will be of interest to you. If any of you would like to write a book review, or if you want to suggest a book for review please contact us.

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Our publications can be obtained from most good bookshops, and are also available directly from The Trust by using our contact page, or by sending us an email to:

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Humphry Repton in Kent

As part of a country-wide celebration of the work of the 19th century landscape gardener Humphry Repton, members of the Kent Gardens Trust research team have produced a beautifully illustrated book describing Repton’s five commissions within the current area of Kent, with a short introduction to his life and artistic principles. Humphry Repton in Kent is a companion volume to Capability Brown in Kent. It is 140 pages long and will interest not only garden historians but anyone keen to know more about the social history of the county and the lives of the leading figures of the time.

Our research has revealed fascinating and hitherto unknown contemporary letters and drawings and has made extensive use of Repton’s famous Red Books.

Price: £10.00 (£8.00 for members of Kent Gardens Trust) includes postage and packing

ISBN: 978-0-9934044-1-2

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Capability Brown in Kent

Our main contribution to the Capability Brown festival is an exciting new book Capability Brown in Kent. It has been written by members of our research team and tells the story of Brown's commissions in Kent.

The book has 116 pages, is fully illustrated and will interest garden historians, but also anyone with an interest in our landscape, its history, and the work of one of the greatest and most influential designers of landscape.

Price: £9.50 (£8.00 for members of Kent Gardens Trust) includes postage and packing

ISBN: 978-0-9934044-0-5

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Garden of England Kent

Kent has long been known as the Garden of England, a title still deserved today. The county has a long tradition of gardening with well over 100 gardens open to the public each year. This attractive and informative book produced by Kent Gardens Trust jointly with Kent County Council provides a framework of the county's garden history from mediaeval times to the 20th century as well as illuminating the development of its unusually wide range of gardens. The author, the late Elisabeth Hall, was a graduate of Wye agricultural college and widely respected for her scholarly research and the quality of her writing.

Price: £7.50 includes postage and packing

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A Presentation of Parks

Between 1992 and 1994 a team of dedicated KGT members recorded and researched the public amenity parks and gardens of Kent. The aim was to investigate the extent and diversity of the parks and to record their historic, aesthetic and social value to the county. The team considered how these parks had changed and developed over the years, and focused attention on the future of parks and gardens in Kent. The result of their work is this delightful book which gives a short history of public parks in the county and a brief description of more than seventy of them.

Price: £3.50 includes postage and packing